-Interactive. Technology. Innovative-

We Present Our Movement

CloudCity Technologies established in 2018 and based in Kota Damansara which represents the ideology of interactive movement. With a strong understanding of the nature of business, as well as of clients and the importance of successful branding, we strive to fulfill and complete the branding services we have on hand for our clients.


To cover all aspects of technologies and online branding successfully.


To approach consumers and clients as an intuitive, interactive, and creative agency, and preserving our relationships with them for continual and long-term success.

Core Values

We hold strongly to our principles and core values, some of which include:


We interact closely with our customers and clients to ensure the highest satisfaction in our work and services.


We have a goal of always moving forward, hence, ensuring the continuous growth and success of our company to deliver high quality services to our clients.


We implement and develop advanced websites and operating systems to fulfill our client’s requirements, based on their preferences and goals.


We are a team that keeps our clients included all the time, by working together with them to achieve our goals and ambitions for the future.